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3428  98th  Dr. SE.  Lake Stevens, Washington, 98258  USA

Started working in a shipyard in 1977. Move on to building fiberglass boats in 1979. In between boat building I started my own company repairing and commissioning yachts. Due to the nature of the boat business and fluctuation of steady work I moved on to expand my education and became a drafter in Structural Steel detailing in 1984 where I learned quite a bit of information on the job and also furthered my education in Machinist Practices. I love to draw and design cars, boats, and homes but my heart was just not into drawing steel beams any longer even though I worked on many interesting projects . Moved back to boat repair and then on to recreational vehicle repair in 1987 which naturally progress to auto body repair, which progress into running a business for 31 years of Automobile, RV, & Marine Repair and Customizing till 2014. Currently working as a mechanic and welder/ fabricator for Tulalip Tribes fleet maintenance where I have a opportunity to utilize all that I have learned in the past.

  • ASE certified auto mechanic and systems troubleshooting /repair.

  • ASE certified auto body repair and painting procedures.

  • Fiberglass lamination and structural repair. 41 years

  • Structural welding and component fabrication.

  • Able to draw design drawings, illustrations, renderings, blueprints and Schematics.

  • Highly skilled at color tinting/ matching and artistic murals.

  • Electrical repair and wiring in new components.

  • Fleet Management and Project organizing.

  • Business administration.

  • First Aid/CPR.

  • Staff Management.

  • Facility repairs.

Work History
Tulalip Tribes -  Mechanic, Autobody Repair, Electrical, and Welder

Body repairs and painting, Welding, Fabrication, Installing strobe and spot lights on custom made racks and running electrical wiring to custom made control panels, on fleet vehicles.  Interpreted verbal instructions to design drawings to fabricate desired objects for many different projects for multiple departments for the sovereign nation of Tulalip Tribes.  Inspected and test vehicles and complete preventive maintenance such as engine tune-ups, oil changes, tire rotations, wheel balancing and filter replacement, and a very wide range of public service.

 Custom Fiberglass Unlimited/ Coachworks Inc  -  Owner/ Operator Automobile, RV, & Marine Repair.     

Continued to work for Western Motor Coach as a subcontractor. Latter on I obtain my own shop and did work for a multitude of RV dealerships along Hwy 99 in the Lynnwood/ Everett area. The company did a name change and moved to Monroe, same building where I use to build boats. Performing fiberglass/ autobody repairs and customizing cars,boats, and RV's. Skills: Highly skilled, able to design and build most anything. Artistic talent since childhood, Oils on Canvas, Watercolors, Pen & Ink, Airbrush murals, and Digital Art.

 Western Motor Coach - RV Body Repair 

Estimating and repair collision damage to Recreational Vehicles. Fiberglass repair included grinding, lamination, minor filling, sanding, masking off, priming, gelcoating, tinting paint, spraying automotive paints and clear coats, blending, wet sanding, cut and buff.    highly skilled with hand and machine tools, spray equipment, color matching. Able to recreate contours and shapes to exact standards.

Mac Russel Detailing - Structural Steel Detailer

Pick out steel members from architectural and engineering drawings, find dimensions, locate connections, and draw steel beams, columns, and assorted steel pieces for the steel fabricator, Drawing with mechanical pencils on velum, blueprinting, talking to architects or engineers about conflicts in dimension in drawings.

 Lavro Boats Inc. - Boat Builder

Manufactured fiberglass/composite boats.   Hand laid fiberglass lamination, mixing and tinting gelcoat, spraying gelcoat, mold fabrication, trimming and grinding parts, assembly of parts and miscellaneous fittings, urethane foaming, woodworking, drafting and design, lofting and pattern making, cleaning and spill response, answering phones and some sales.  Highly skilled with hand and machine tools.

Lake Washington Technical College  Kirkland, WA  Structural Steel Detailing , CAD/CAM, and Machinist Practices

Juanita High School, Kirkland, WA  Coursework in drafting, illustration, art, oil painting, pottery, stain glass, and all other main courses.


Donation of my time to Housing Hope. Helped build 9 homes, one was for my son and his family. It was not easy to find the time, but we all did it! Very satisfying! I highly recommend it!!