* TRACING                     RELATIONSHIP  (MAIDEN NAME)                CHILDREN  /  BIRTHDAY                                    PC =  PREVIOUS CHILDERN  /  BIRTHDAY                married= md                birthday = b                                                                                                                                                                                                                                birthday/died = bd

 * SEAN EDWARD PYNE + LARISSA  PAISLEY   =  RACHEL LYNN MARIE PYNE /  7-24-2010                                                                                                                                        =  ELIJAH  DAVID  PYNE /  5-31-2013


 * DAVID EDWARD PYNE + ANITA V. BLOCK ( ROMA)          = NONE TOGETHER             PC= KELLY LYLE BLOCK / 8-8-1977                       + TERESA J. SHIEDLO (MOORE)  4-7-1957  = SEAN EDWARD PYNE / 3-16-1990     PC=  JONITHAN SHIEDLO/ 12-3-1976                      + PEGGY J. ANDERSON (SHEELER) 5-22-1965  = TAIGEN EDWARD PYNE / 9-16-1984                                                                                                                                   = DAVID JAMES PYNE - TWIN / 7-16-1986                                                                                                                                     = CHRISTOPER DALE PYNE - TWIN / 7-16-1986

 * JAMES EDWARD PYNE + KATHLEEN MAY(JORDAN) PYNE  =  DAVID E. PYNE / 5-17-1960                                                                                                           bd= 5-15-1930 to 7-5-2010                     

           * JAMES EARL PYNE + NELLIE LEE (NEESE) PYNE              = JAMES E. PYNE / 1-11-1931                                                                     md= 1-30-1930       bd= 10-16-1907 to 4-23-1968           = JACK GAILEN PYNE / 9-12-1935 to                                                                                                                                               = NORA ELAINE(PYNE) FORD / 1-10-1938                                                      + HELEN RACHEL WADE / unknown to 1-19-1920 or 1930?  =  NO CHILDREN TOGETHER                                                                              md= 10-9-1919                                                                                                                                                                       + FERN ANNA REINHARDT/unknown to 2-19-1915  = EARL CHARLES PYNE/1911 to 1927 ?                                                                            md= 4-23-1910                                                  = WALLACE GREELY PYNE/ ?

 * WALTER HOFFIELD PYNE + MAGDALENA CUMMINGS(WALLACE) PYNE = JAMES EARL PYNE/ 12-6-1888 to ?                                                                                   1862- unknown                                   = NORA ELIZABETH PYNE/1885-1938                                                                                                                                    = VIRGINIA GRACE PYNE/1891-unknown                                                                                                                                = SAMUEL WALTER PYNE/1894-unknown


                              TO BE CONTINUED 


View Tree for James Earl PyneJames Earl Pyne (b. 06 Dec 1888, d. date unknown)

James Earl Pyne (son of Walter Hoffield Pyne and Magdalen Cummings Wallace) was born 06 Dec 1888 in Holt County, Missouri, and died date unknown. He married (1) Fern Ann Reinhardt on 23 Apr 1910. He married (2) Helen Rachel Wade on 19 Oct 1919. He married (3) Nellie Lee Neese on 19 Jan 1930.

More About James Earl Pyne and Fern Ann Reinhardt:
Marriage: 23 Apr 1910

More About James Earl Pyne and Helen Rachel Wade:
Marriage: 19 Oct 1919

More About James Earl Pyne and Nellie Lee Neese:
Marriage: 19 Jan 1930

Children of James Earl Pyne and Fern Ann Reinhardt are:
  1. Earl Charles Pyne, b. 16 Feb 1911, d. date unknown, Memorial Park, Toledo, Ohio.
  2. Wallace Greeley Pyne.

Children of James Earl Pyne and Nellie Lee Neese are:
  1. James Edward Pyne.
  2. Jack Gailen Pyne.
  3. Nora Elaine Pyne.
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 PYNE Alexander 1835 William/Patsy

PYNE Jacob Wilson 			June 21, 1858 		Madison M/Mahala Smith
PYNE James Alexander 			Dec 3, 1837 		Madison M/Mahala Smith
PYNE James Clifton 			April 29, 1894 		Jacob Wilson/Rosetta Smith
PYNE James Earl 			1884 			Walter H/Magdalena Cummings Wallace
PYNE James McGuire 			1785 			Robert/Nancy McGuire
PYNE James Madison 			Feb 4, 1869 		James Alexander/Virginia Hance Shanklin
PYNE Madison M. 			July 9, 1817 		Robert/Sally
PYNE Otis H. 				Dec 22 ,1884 		James Alexander/Virignia Nance Shanklin
PYNE Walter Hoffield 			Sep 16, 1862 		James Alexander/Virginia Hance Shanklin
PYNE Walter 				July 15, 1875 		Alexander/Abigail Chase

             Tower, Church of Our Lady, Upton Pyne

                      Princeton University



         Pyne Hall


BELOW IS A STORY OF MY GREAT,GREAT,GREAT,GREAT,GREAT GRANDFATHER - ROBERT PYNE  (PINE) ( MOST LIKELY SPELLED PYNE, SPELLING OF LAST NAME CHANGES AT DIFFERENT POINTS IN HISTORY - PINOS.PYN.PINE.PYNE  ALL THE WAY BACK TO YEAR 801)            ( google;  Moses Tayor Pyne)                                                    ( google;  Book on Galcerin De Pino's in year 801)                    ( google;  Images of Galcerin De Pino's )

Robert Pyne was born in Ireland and died in Monroe, West Virginia. He married Mary Cammock on February 6, 1795, in Rockbridge, Virginia. They had two children during their marriage. ---He had three brothers? ( David Pyne is checking,found only one brother.)--- Robert Pyne was born in County Cork, Ireland in *1755 most likely. 1765 according to census records, and died in Monroe County, Virginia, (West Virginia) about November 1849. Little is known of his parents. Tradition is that his father was a British army officer, possibly a lieutenant, who was killed in battle while serving in India. Evidently the military records in England have been destroyed and no one, that I am aware of, has been able to secure any information to substantiate the above information. After his fathers' death, Robert was reared, and possibly adopted, by his father's brother who was a wealthy shipmaster of Dublin. Besides having some ships that traversed the seas, he also had a very successful button factory.

Tradition says, that in 1768, Captain Pyne brought his family to New York with a load of goods, however, it was probably later than this. There are two stories about this trip and I suspect there are some truth and error in both of them. According to Amos Pine, Robert's great-grandson, Robert and his brother stowed away on a ship to make their way to America. There was a violent storm at sea and Robert's brother was lost at sea. The other account of the voyage, told by James Madison Pyne in the, Pyne Memorials, mentions a severe storm but does not mention the loss of the brother. ( *see facts on Roberts time line, their is a older brother.)

Upon arriving in New York, the family stayed for three or four weeks. When it came time to leave, Robert, *now age -thirteen, fearing the return trip over the stormy Atlantic, ran away and hid in a covered wagon in the wagon yard of the city. There, two brothers found him by the name of McGuire. The McGuire brothers gave him a good, old Irish quiz and got the truthful story from him: He was thirteen years old and dreaded the sea, and rather than return to Dublin, on a sailing ship over the wild Atlantic, he had run away from his uncle and expressed a desire to go home with the McGuire's. So they agreed to take him to their homes, which may have been in Pennsylvania, but later research indicated it might have been in Rockbridge County, Virginia. This agreement was conditioned upon Robert working for one of them for a year then the other one for a year until he was twenty-one, when, as the custom was in colonial times, Robert was to be free with a horse, bridle and saddle given to him.

It was believed that Robert married a Miss Stephenson, who, it was thought, was from Pennsylvania, but recent research disproves this. We know for certain that Robert lived in Rockbridge County, Virginia, and there on February 6, 1795, he secured a bond to marry a woman by the name of Mary Cammock. The marriage probably took place two or three days later. The Rev. William Graham, a presbyterian minister, officiated at the wedding. In the Pyne Memorials this marriage was not mentioned and I suppose James Madison Pyne was unaware of it. When you look at the marriage bond, you will notice that Robert signed the bond with the same "O" he signed his bond to Nancy Cottle, his second wife, and his will. He was unable to write and you will see witnesses listed to "his mark."
*Note: The marrage to Nancy Cottle was on June 9th 1807. The union the author talks about must be betweem Mary Cammock, died 1799. per: David Pyne, greatx5 grandson.
To this *union two children were born, William Pyne and Sarah Pyne. William was born in 1797 or 1798, depending on what month his birth took place. The 1860 census lists him as sixty-three and showing he was born in 1798, if he had already celebrated his birthday before his death. If he hadn't, he was born in 1797. This date is confirmed by the inscription on his tombstone, which lists him as being seventy-nine years of age when he died on September 20, 1877.

Sometime between 1800 and 1807, Robert moved to Monroe County. Since Sarah, who is now called Sallie, was born in *1799 or 1800 in Rockbridge County, Virginia, the move would have been after her birth and before he married Nancy Cottle in Monroe County. Oren F. Morton, in his book, History of Monroe County, said he moved there when the McGuire's moved to Monroe County. He lists the date as about 1800 and this agrees with all of our research. Some time between 1801 and 1806, his wife, Mary Cammock, must have died because on June 9, 1807, in Monroe County, Virginia, he married Nancy Cottle.

James McGuire Pine was born to this union, on April 8, 1808. Robert's other children by Nancy were John, Elizabeth, and Robert N. Pine.

For a time, Robert was the overseer of slaves on the McNutt Plantation near Gap Mills, Monroe County. However, this was probably later in his life for in 1830 he is listed in the census in Greenbrier County, Virginia, as was his son, William. After a few years there, he moved back to Monroe County and probably after this worked for Mr. McNutt.

A Mr. W.N. McNutt, a son of the McNutt who owned the plantation upon which Robert worked, wrote to James Madison Pyne in 1921 the following:"I distinctly recollect Mr. and Mrs. Pine, as my sister, Latita and I were over at their home every few days and would listen for hours at childish tales Mr. Pine would tell me. I also distinctly recollect Robert Jr. He was a large, fine looking man, and was working for my father,Robert McNutt, when he lost his mind."

We know that Robert Pine died sometime between September and December of 1849 because his will was signed on August 23, 1849, and probated in December of 1849. He is buried in the Wickline Cemetery on the north side near some large trees. For some time, a board with his name on it marked his grave. There is no marker on the grave today.

After Robert's death, Nancy lived for some time with Robert Jr., as the 1850 census shows. Sometime after this, she went to live with her daughter Elizabeth (Pine) Keyes who lived in White Sulpher Springs, West Virginia. Nancy died there and is buried at Tuckahoe Draft, near White Sulpher Springs.

The above story was taken from Larry Pine's book "Branches of the Robert Pine Family", 1997 edition.

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